“Let the children come to me; do not prevent them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm Jonathan Polinar
I'm a Kuya (kfc facilitator) from Central A..
I act as our school based kuya..
I'm also a chapter head in our cluster..

though im serving at our KFC cluster and act as cluster kuya (together with diane and josh),.
i thought that being a chapter head in YFC is enough..
but then, GOD called me to serve more in KFC..

one day, I've heard of the word ROCK..(formerly, Heart for the Kids)
(headed by kuya ian)
by the help of Josh and Diane (-_-) haha..,
I've been active and saw myself attending ROCK meetings

I've been active in many KFC and YFC activities..
and fortunately, I've been growing since then.

during the ILC held in baguio,
me, together with other KFC Facilitators,
have a ROCK workshop.
it was awesome seeing ourselves wearing our ROCK t-shirts and serving KFC.

after the workshop, KFC full time workers told us that there will be a mission trip in bicol. it will be 2 batches.

at first, i doubted to attend the mission trip because my chapter will be having our youth camp by the of may and we're just starting to plan that camp. i prayed and prayed for God's message..

then one evening, after I've prayed solemnly,
God answered me in the middle of my sleep.
i have dreamed that i was sitting beside my childhood friend, my chapter member, watching and reminiscing our KIDS ON STAGE presentation (re-enactment of Psalty).
GOD is really amazing because, out of my 3 questions, He answered it all with just a one dream.
1. will i go to that mission trip?
2. How about my youth camp? will I go with KFC first?
3. whom i should talk first (one to ones with my member)?

by then, i decided to go at the mission trip.
the first batch was sent at albay, Bicol.
and our batch, was sent at Sorsogon, Bicol.

when i entered center (celebration for Kuya Blaire's Bday),
i saw 2 yfc from central B
so there will be 5 of us will be coming at that mission.
(Dave, Edward, Diane, Me, and Kuya Marlo)
i was disappointed a little,
because kuya ian wont surely come.. (ahehe)

at our first day,
we've been welcomed by the Provincial Coordinator of Sorsogon (tito july and tita rose)
there were plenty of foods.. (busog. haha)
on the same day, YFC from Irosin, Bicol came to help in planning our activities for the week.
all were cooperating..^_^

we've held a junior and a senior kids camp
and i was chosen to be the team head of the Junior kids camp, together with (abby).
it was my first time, and fortunately,
although its hard to get their attention at first,
i've saw them cooperating and have been close to me..

i've also gave a talk for the senior kids and it was great that i saw myself getting attached easily to the kids..^_^

lastly, we've had our ROCK weekend for the YFC at Irosin..
we've been close to them and have our bonding time..

after that mission,
we haven't realized that the five of us are enjoying talking to each other.
sharing our personal stories
and giving our trust to one another..

we've been missing the people at bicol because they we're so nice and you can see them very united with LOVE..
we've been missing the feeling in a mission..
and we've longing for more experience..

through that experiences,
i have empowered to serve more and more..^_^
mapa-YFC o KFC p yan..^_^
sabi ko nga eh,
"i won't be tired of serving Him..^_^"

i love being in this service because the top reason that makes me smile is the

by: Lloyd Polinar

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