“Let the children come to me; do not prevent them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14

Thursday, September 29, 2011

How is the state of you HEART?

Faith will save you. Church says that our faith will save us.

We hear people saying that if you love the Lord and you are faithful to Him you must do things excellently in order for Him to be glorified, things such as events, activities, work, studies and many more because God deserve all the best. =)

But God reminded us that being good in many things will not be the basis of our salvation. Even if we are good in many things (e.g. events, activities and etc.) it will be our heart that will be the basis of our faithfulness. (How and what is the state of your heart?).

It is not on how you excellently done all those things but it’s about the state of your heart while doing all those things. After all the Lord will not ask you how well you are while you are still alive and playing your role as his/her servant but the Lord will ask you how was the state of your heart doing all those things for me.. Is it happy, joyful, grateful, thankful and full of love and Gladness? Or it might be angry, troubled, confused, doubted or even just doing it for the sake of doing it.

God said, “Give your all to me”, but He means all your heart because a real heart is willing to sacrifice, a real heart can give his/her all to the Lord.("You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. Deuteronomy 6:5)

It is our will to please the Lord but not only on what can we give but rather how was the state of our heart while giving our all to Him? By our Faith we will have salvation, but it will all start in the condition of our heart everyday.

IAN =)

Monday, February 7, 2011

ROCK Builds and Rebuilds …

“Upon this ROCK I will build my Church” Matt. 16:13-18. Truly rocks build a church, a home, a family and bring forth new hope for us – and hope for everyone who follows Jesus.

Let me pertain the rock to the kids we are serving – the kids that others may know; less capacitated, unable to understand, unable to lead, and unable to bring forth Hope. But now, in a different perspective we give them the chance to prove that they have the ability to lead, to serve and to protect. Yes! Kids can!

In my past few year of my service in the KFC Ministry, God let me experienced how He will use his children to renew the face of this world. These children; though little, unable, and incapacitated helps in the very simple way that they knew. They motivate and inspire other with their smiles. They play and sing songs of love that expresses how truly God loves us.

They give chance to happiness and when we see it, we are calmly reminded that we too have to enjoy ourselves and give chance to happiness over burdens and busyness of our work. They reminded us that love is with God and loving means loving those who are weak and in need of love.

They too helped rebuild broken families and help build close families. They serve as the rope which ties one family to be in complete union with each other and with God. They helped, they cooperate, they appreciate, and they live each morning with hope and with a smile.

Truly, Kids can make a difference. And as the rock goes, soon they will lead us. These children will serve as a strong foundation that neither evil can prevail against it. Let’s challenge ourselves to be one with them in building and rebuilding this nation, this country and this planet.

John Paul “POY” Gamba

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas is here

What comes into your mind when you hear the word Christmas? How do you feel knowing that it’s getting near? Me, I can’t help it, but everytime I hear this word, it gives me a jolly feeling. Knowing that the holiday season is about to come, I, myself, feels so inspired. It uplifts my spirit. Can you already feel that Christmas is just around the corner?

I grew up getting used to the thought that Christmas is for new clothes, new shoes, everything new. Christmas shopping, parties here and there and lots of gifts from friends and ‘aguinaldos’ from godparents. Back then, when I was younger, I can still remember doing house to house together with my siblings and cousins asking for ‘pamasko’. We even go to houses which we barely knew the owners. We sometimes attend the ‘Misa de Gallo’ but we rarely completed it. However, we make it to a point that we are one family when we attend the mass on the day of Christmas itself. Things were as simple as that during my childhood.

My thinking towards the holiday changes as I grew older. When I entered college, I promised myself to save up money to be able to buy gifts and goodies for my family and friends during the holiday season. I said to myself, it’s time for me to give instead of receiving. I managed to save up and give gifts to them every Christmas. I don’t give expensive gifts. When I’m doing my Christmas shopping, I always make it to the point that my gift will be useful even for the whole year round to the person with whom I’m giving it to. I personally believe the saying, “it’s the thought that counts”. And I’m not from a very well off family so I cannot afford to send gifts to my friends and relatives abroad. For me sending personal messages that is genuinely from my heart just for them to know that I still remember them during this time of the year is already a very good gift.

The feeling of fulfillment is very outrageous when you give. Personally, when I give gifts, I get the ‘high’ feeling. I don’t know, but I really am very happy. I feel so light. I think that is the reason for Christmas: GIVING. In the very first place, always remember that Christmas is the time that God the Father gave Jesus to us. It was the moment that Jesus Christ was born.

I once encountered a note a couple of years ago, and yet I can still remember the idea that the note is trying to inculcate to the mind of whoever might be reading it. It was a conversation between Jesus and Santa Claus. Jesus said to Santa that He is actually sad because people are looking forward for the gifts that Santa would be bringing instead of celebrating His birthday. Right then and there, I came to realize that people nowadays tends to forget the real meaning of Christmas.

Let us not forget that Christmas is not just for new clothes, new shoes, gifts, parties, any material things, instead, Christmas is for us to celebrate the birth of Christ which also shows God’s never ending love for us. It is the time of the year to thank Father God for giving Christ to us. Let us always be reminded that it is the time that love and the spirit of giving must be abundant in all of us.

Can you feel the warm breezy feeling of Yuletide season? Isn’t it nice to feel the warm embrace of the gusty wind in lieu of the holidays? How are you going to be the evidence of God’s love to others?

Pia Yango
Metro Manila

Sunday, November 21, 2010

YES to the Lord

God gave me so many mission trips. All the trips were so great. From these experiences, God also gave me obstacles on how I will handle it. He will test my faith. Sometimes He will give me financial challenges, transportation problem, and availability of other missionaries. But when God planned it, it will be successful no matter what happen.

God shows me lot of things and I believe it will be the start for me to make miracles for other people. I may feel tired and hopeless, but God will never leave me.

Just say YES to the Lord and He will do the rest.:)

Joseph Noel R. Fidelino
Metro Manila

Friday, November 12, 2010

"for a GOD that never surrender"

I've been aware of this thought for a long time..
I was just only fully assured of this during Big events in either KFC or YFC..
and I thought i fully understand what this really mean..
but i was wrong..

i know that God always forgive.. because He loves us..
but i still do mistakes plenty of times..
and i always ask for His forgiveness which He always accepts..

although nothing special happened this day,
There is one thing I've realized.
that behind those lines,
God is telling me that..

"the one thing I ask is to be with you..
let me cover you,
just mark this lines to your mind, heart and soul..
then i assure that you will get what you deserve..
the thing that I wanted for you"

as a response,
I'll never hold back also onto Him,
and do what His heart desires..
and accomplish my mission and responsibilities He had entrusted to me..

Jonathan Polinar
Central A (Metro Manila)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I love God

I've been busy for a month (or more than a month)..
I've been busy for school so much..
and also in YFC and KFC activities..
i have less attention on some things..
even my prayer time,
I've noticed that it's not good.
(and I know it's one of the reason why I haven't get good grades at school..)

I'm starting to get noticed that my performance at school was going bad..
compared at my highschool days.. i need more urge to do more..

on the other side,
i know i still have the fire in serving yfc and kfc
and it will never loose in me..

i love serving them..
i love being close to them..

most of my members in yfc, upper or lower, were my close friends

i always seek kids, especially the little ones, everyday..^_^
(lalu n kpag my event.. hehehe)

with all of this, i see Christ in them..^_^
I love God..

-Jonathan Polinar
Central A

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Daily purpose

“Life without purpose is dying”

August 1, I started to have my mission in Mindanao. I had mixed feeling, there were excitement (I’m going to meet many coordinators and facilitators), nervous (at the first place, I don’t know what exactly im going to do) , fear ( I don’t know what can I give) , doubt (I am that worthy to have this BIG responsibility, task, and mission?) , but I know I am happy because I am going to do many things for the Lord.

Almost every day I am traveling going to different provinces to meet with the KFC couple coordinators and facilitators. It was a great experienced and really it made me realized of many things, things that made me closer to the Lord, more dependent in Him and one of these realizations is that, it is necessary to seek for my purpose “every day”.

What really is my purpose and why the Lord allowed me to wake up and gives me another new day? For what, for whom? (does any of you tried to ask the Lord that same question everyday?)

The Lord is really good and generous at all times, he have given us everything we need. Because, everything in you right now is what you have asked the Lord!
Come to think of it?

The Lord so loves us that even we are always committing sins and sometimes sins that are done “again and again”, and still He is always there offering His forgiving hands.

But are we doing things that please Him everyday?

In my mission, I’ve realized that I need to know my purpose everyday. As I go out in my room, it should be clear to me of my purpose in that day. In the book “purpose driven life” the author wrote that one of the purpose why God made the humans because He wanted somebody who will HONOR, PRAISE, WORSHIP AND PLEASE HIM because He is the God of the universe, the alpha and omega, the creator of heaven and earth, and simply because He is the Lord!

Now the question is, in what way we can Honor, praise, worship and please the Lord everyday?

It is like courtship. Bringing flowers, giving chocolates, make things that will impress the girl. Again, it’s like courtship that you do everything just to please the girl.

Exactly, doing things like that will please our God.

Do good, be good, to your family & friends, to your school, to your office work and doing good everyday!

Be prayerful, loving, obedient, respectful, diligent, generous, honest everyday!

God said in His greatest commandment “Love one another. Just as I have Loved you, you also must love one another. john 13:34”

God is reminding us to do His commandment and be good at all times, do good at all times. In this way we can please our God. We can Honor and Glorify Him. It not about the name or rich or fame you will achieve but it is about how true your heart is in serving the Lord. It's about giving your all to the Creator.

It is very hard to embrace our enemy but it is possible. The Lord is continuing to remind us to follow His Life. And this is our purpose everyday.

God bless us all!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Aug. 23, 2010 (sad event )

a sad event happened..
this will really be part and known for Philippine History..

A police captain, who has been dismissed in his job and position, hostage a tourist bus in Quirino Grandstand..
it took for almost 12 hours..
from 8am - 8pm (i guess)

there were changing of firing..
on the side of Cap. Mendoza (the suspect), i think he was just pushed to because of what happened to him and what the police done to his family members.

there were died..
there were had trauma..
there were conscious people who've been hit by a bullet.
there were have people who say things against the policeman, media, government, and the suspect.
there were people who mourn with the victims..
there are many things came into my mind..
there were people who just watching..
there were people who

because of what happened,
many things came into my mind..

1). know how to SECURE YOURSELF. do not enter a situation, in which you know you'll be in danger.
2). widen your UNDERSTANDing abilities.
3) think and hold your RESPONSIBILITIES.
4) THINK first before you act
5) DONT BLAME anyone without having proofs.
6) learn how to RESPECT someone's right
7) CONTROL yourself. control your temper.

im really sad this day..
i mourn for the victims and for the Philippines.

let's pray for their souls and their family
and for the Philippines..

jonathan polinar - central A

Saturday, August 14, 2010

IKV experiences

hmmm.. how will i start?

well, my first IKV ever was in Cebu.
at first, i thought i wouldn't be coming because of lack in money.
but there was a one boy who got an accident and injured his arm (yay, so sorry for him).
so my father took of the slot and gave it to me..
if im not mistaken, there were only three of us from our cluster who went at the IKV.
kuya Nick Escalona Jr., was the one in charge to guide us.
i joined the praise parade competition and amazed of the KFC from other provinces.

next was in Iloilo..
together again with my dad, we ride at an airplane. (first time ko un.. ^_^)
it was a great because i've met a new friend.
lol, we just play and wondering around the venue..

then at Pasig..
it was the first time that our cluster sent more or less 40 kids.
we had fun. we joined different competitions.
discovered our crushes and trusted friends (haha..)
and it was the time when batang kalikasan introduced (tama ba?? hehe)

then at clark, pampanga.
it was my last time to be a KFC.
the venue was huge and there are so many different villages.
we visit every villages.
(i dont remember some of them.. hehe)

when i entered YFC,
i still attending IKVs.
IKV in baguio was also memorable..
it was my first time to be a kuya in that Big event.
it was also the time when my mother had an accident that cause to her a great injury.
it took months before she can walk.
but inspite of what happened, we still enjoy staying there.
after the other activities, we went at SM Baguio.

the next one is at bohol, our province..^_^
we're only 5 kfc facilitators (me, mikel, lara, sara and diane) in our cluster.
we have a more or less 10 kids.
that event was also great.
i think it was the first time that a slow YFC song have been taught to the KFC. (How great is our GOD)
it really touches my heart seeing kids singing and raising up their hands.

the next one was in Laguna.
lol., i wont forget what we did that IKV (diane, me and josh).
we stood up as a model in our KFCs without being noticed.
we start picking up trashes everywhere for trading. we want to get a lot of give aways for our kids.
when the kids saw and knew what we were doing, they start helping us picking the trashes.

then the recent one, the LKV in subic.(kids adventure)
it was my productive IKV. (being a KFC facilitator/ROCK)
i was appointed to be a secretariat (together with jami, diane and josh).
we also participate in the ROCK competition which we have won (i think we're in the first place).
i was really proud by that time to be a kuya for them.

all in all..I've already attended 8 IKVs
I've already went 8 places around the philippines.(weeee)
all of that IKV events, i'm honestly saying that i really enjoy and learn a lot from it.
i'd never noticed that I, from being a kid, will be a KFC ROCK team/kuya Lloyd serving the ministry i was before.
it's so amazing how God works in me..
because, even though i make a lot of mistakes,
He still trust and love me.

--Jonathan Lloyd Polinar "Nathan" --central A (Metro Manila)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart. I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." Jeremiah 1:5

One bible verse says it all. A single verse that is reflective of who we all are in this ministry. A verse that gives justice on what we are doing. A one-liner that enlightens each and every one of us. A powerful verse that gives affirmation that what and where we are now are all works of God.

This verse became my liking when I stumbled upon it while looking for an anchor verse for one of our assemblies this August. Noting this verse, I browsed upon the Chapter Assembly Manual and looked for a topic near (or applicable) to the bible verse. Lo and behold, one topic have exactly the same verse - In Pursuit of the Purpose. I was caught off-guarded when I read the outline. It seems like God really is talking with me through the Holy Book and the Manual.

The reason why I said that I was 'caught off-guarded' is that this period was very trying for me. I am beginning to have this thinking if what I am doing is my real purpose in the ministry. This started when some of the things I have planned on didn't turned out the way it must be. I began to enter a so-called 'self-searching'. I was weighing all of what I am in right now - as a Chapter Head and Sector Kuya. I began to deliberate on myself if I have done what is expected for me, if not, where did I fail? Options have been crisscrossing my mind during this period, one is to step down in either of the two. But God really has a plan on me, that what had happened before was just a test of faith, a test wherein He wants to see if I really believe on what I preach as His steward. He wants to tell me that through it all, only He knows where I can fit right, where I can tell more on how great His works are. He further affirms to me that my placing here isn't 'just-to-fit" but is 'fitted into perfection according to His likeness'. I don't believe that it was purely coincidental for me to like and to read more on topics related to the bible verse. What I believe is that God is talking to me personally. This was His way of telling me that what I am doing in the community is what He has planned on me and that this is already marked on me even before the day I was born.

When we entered the community, we all know for the fact that we all are stewards of God. We all know that we are the chosen few. But God sometimes test if we really believe this. It happened to me and I am proud to say it. Why? Because I know for a reason that He did it on purpose because He has a better plan for me. He did it because he knows that I am His steward, a prophet for this world. What I can declare to all now is that God doesn't break His word, that after it all, everything just seem to be fitted perfectly. Yes, I am more than happy now, serving still as a Chapter Head and Sector Kuya, looking forward on His greater plan not only for me but for the ministries I am serving in. And now I believe that this is one of my purpose, while the others are still waiting to be unfolded onto me.

The day when we entered the community is the day when our God-directed purpose have started to unfold in our lives. As we continue our travel, seeking for our purpose, we sometimes bump into the unexpected. But through it all, we will succeed - if we just believe - in HIM.

Josh Rosario, Central A