“Let the children come to me; do not prevent them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Daily purpose

“Life without purpose is dying”

August 1, I started to have my mission in Mindanao. I had mixed feeling, there were excitement (I’m going to meet many coordinators and facilitators), nervous (at the first place, I don’t know what exactly im going to do) , fear ( I don’t know what can I give) , doubt (I am that worthy to have this BIG responsibility, task, and mission?) , but I know I am happy because I am going to do many things for the Lord.

Almost every day I am traveling going to different provinces to meet with the KFC couple coordinators and facilitators. It was a great experienced and really it made me realized of many things, things that made me closer to the Lord, more dependent in Him and one of these realizations is that, it is necessary to seek for my purpose “every day”.

What really is my purpose and why the Lord allowed me to wake up and gives me another new day? For what, for whom? (does any of you tried to ask the Lord that same question everyday?)

The Lord is really good and generous at all times, he have given us everything we need. Because, everything in you right now is what you have asked the Lord!
Come to think of it?

The Lord so loves us that even we are always committing sins and sometimes sins that are done “again and again”, and still He is always there offering His forgiving hands.

But are we doing things that please Him everyday?

In my mission, I’ve realized that I need to know my purpose everyday. As I go out in my room, it should be clear to me of my purpose in that day. In the book “purpose driven life” the author wrote that one of the purpose why God made the humans because He wanted somebody who will HONOR, PRAISE, WORSHIP AND PLEASE HIM because He is the God of the universe, the alpha and omega, the creator of heaven and earth, and simply because He is the Lord!

Now the question is, in what way we can Honor, praise, worship and please the Lord everyday?

It is like courtship. Bringing flowers, giving chocolates, make things that will impress the girl. Again, it’s like courtship that you do everything just to please the girl.

Exactly, doing things like that will please our God.

Do good, be good, to your family & friends, to your school, to your office work and doing good everyday!

Be prayerful, loving, obedient, respectful, diligent, generous, honest everyday!

God said in His greatest commandment “Love one another. Just as I have Loved you, you also must love one another. john 13:34”

God is reminding us to do His commandment and be good at all times, do good at all times. In this way we can please our God. We can Honor and Glorify Him. It not about the name or rich or fame you will achieve but it is about how true your heart is in serving the Lord. It's about giving your all to the Creator.

It is very hard to embrace our enemy but it is possible. The Lord is continuing to remind us to follow His Life. And this is our purpose everyday.

God bless us all!


  1. thank you kuya ian for giving us the inspiration to know and be reminded of our daily purpose in serving God and KFC Ministry. May you continue to be a hands that build in your service to the Lord. May God also continue to bless and moved you into mission...

  2. ^_^

    different purposes for ONE MISSION..