“Let the children come to me; do not prevent them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14

Monday, February 7, 2011

ROCK Builds and Rebuilds …

“Upon this ROCK I will build my Church” Matt. 16:13-18. Truly rocks build a church, a home, a family and bring forth new hope for us – and hope for everyone who follows Jesus.

Let me pertain the rock to the kids we are serving – the kids that others may know; less capacitated, unable to understand, unable to lead, and unable to bring forth Hope. But now, in a different perspective we give them the chance to prove that they have the ability to lead, to serve and to protect. Yes! Kids can!

In my past few year of my service in the KFC Ministry, God let me experienced how He will use his children to renew the face of this world. These children; though little, unable, and incapacitated helps in the very simple way that they knew. They motivate and inspire other with their smiles. They play and sing songs of love that expresses how truly God loves us.

They give chance to happiness and when we see it, we are calmly reminded that we too have to enjoy ourselves and give chance to happiness over burdens and busyness of our work. They reminded us that love is with God and loving means loving those who are weak and in need of love.

They too helped rebuild broken families and help build close families. They serve as the rope which ties one family to be in complete union with each other and with God. They helped, they cooperate, they appreciate, and they live each morning with hope and with a smile.

Truly, Kids can make a difference. And as the rock goes, soon they will lead us. These children will serve as a strong foundation that neither evil can prevail against it. Let’s challenge ourselves to be one with them in building and rebuilding this nation, this country and this planet.

John Paul “POY” Gamba

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