“Let the children come to me; do not prevent them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart. I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." Jeremiah 1:5

One bible verse says it all. A single verse that is reflective of who we all are in this ministry. A verse that gives justice on what we are doing. A one-liner that enlightens each and every one of us. A powerful verse that gives affirmation that what and where we are now are all works of God.

This verse became my liking when I stumbled upon it while looking for an anchor verse for one of our assemblies this August. Noting this verse, I browsed upon the Chapter Assembly Manual and looked for a topic near (or applicable) to the bible verse. Lo and behold, one topic have exactly the same verse - In Pursuit of the Purpose. I was caught off-guarded when I read the outline. It seems like God really is talking with me through the Holy Book and the Manual.

The reason why I said that I was 'caught off-guarded' is that this period was very trying for me. I am beginning to have this thinking if what I am doing is my real purpose in the ministry. This started when some of the things I have planned on didn't turned out the way it must be. I began to enter a so-called 'self-searching'. I was weighing all of what I am in right now - as a Chapter Head and Sector Kuya. I began to deliberate on myself if I have done what is expected for me, if not, where did I fail? Options have been crisscrossing my mind during this period, one is to step down in either of the two. But God really has a plan on me, that what had happened before was just a test of faith, a test wherein He wants to see if I really believe on what I preach as His steward. He wants to tell me that through it all, only He knows where I can fit right, where I can tell more on how great His works are. He further affirms to me that my placing here isn't 'just-to-fit" but is 'fitted into perfection according to His likeness'. I don't believe that it was purely coincidental for me to like and to read more on topics related to the bible verse. What I believe is that God is talking to me personally. This was His way of telling me that what I am doing in the community is what He has planned on me and that this is already marked on me even before the day I was born.

When we entered the community, we all know for the fact that we all are stewards of God. We all know that we are the chosen few. But God sometimes test if we really believe this. It happened to me and I am proud to say it. Why? Because I know for a reason that He did it on purpose because He has a better plan for me. He did it because he knows that I am His steward, a prophet for this world. What I can declare to all now is that God doesn't break His word, that after it all, everything just seem to be fitted perfectly. Yes, I am more than happy now, serving still as a Chapter Head and Sector Kuya, looking forward on His greater plan not only for me but for the ministries I am serving in. And now I believe that this is one of my purpose, while the others are still waiting to be unfolded onto me.

The day when we entered the community is the day when our God-directed purpose have started to unfold in our lives. As we continue our travel, seeking for our purpose, we sometimes bump into the unexpected. But through it all, we will succeed - if we just believe - in HIM.

Josh Rosario, Central A

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