“Let the children come to me; do not prevent them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14

Saturday, August 14, 2010

IKV experiences

hmmm.. how will i start?

well, my first IKV ever was in Cebu.
at first, i thought i wouldn't be coming because of lack in money.
but there was a one boy who got an accident and injured his arm (yay, so sorry for him).
so my father took of the slot and gave it to me..
if im not mistaken, there were only three of us from our cluster who went at the IKV.
kuya Nick Escalona Jr., was the one in charge to guide us.
i joined the praise parade competition and amazed of the KFC from other provinces.

next was in Iloilo..
together again with my dad, we ride at an airplane. (first time ko un.. ^_^)
it was a great because i've met a new friend.
lol, we just play and wondering around the venue..

then at Pasig..
it was the first time that our cluster sent more or less 40 kids.
we had fun. we joined different competitions.
discovered our crushes and trusted friends (haha..)
and it was the time when batang kalikasan introduced (tama ba?? hehe)

then at clark, pampanga.
it was my last time to be a KFC.
the venue was huge and there are so many different villages.
we visit every villages.
(i dont remember some of them.. hehe)

when i entered YFC,
i still attending IKVs.
IKV in baguio was also memorable..
it was my first time to be a kuya in that Big event.
it was also the time when my mother had an accident that cause to her a great injury.
it took months before she can walk.
but inspite of what happened, we still enjoy staying there.
after the other activities, we went at SM Baguio.

the next one is at bohol, our province..^_^
we're only 5 kfc facilitators (me, mikel, lara, sara and diane) in our cluster.
we have a more or less 10 kids.
that event was also great.
i think it was the first time that a slow YFC song have been taught to the KFC. (How great is our GOD)
it really touches my heart seeing kids singing and raising up their hands.

the next one was in Laguna.
lol., i wont forget what we did that IKV (diane, me and josh).
we stood up as a model in our KFCs without being noticed.
we start picking up trashes everywhere for trading. we want to get a lot of give aways for our kids.
when the kids saw and knew what we were doing, they start helping us picking the trashes.

then the recent one, the LKV in subic.(kids adventure)
it was my productive IKV. (being a KFC facilitator/ROCK)
i was appointed to be a secretariat (together with jami, diane and josh).
we also participate in the ROCK competition which we have won (i think we're in the first place).
i was really proud by that time to be a kuya for them.

all in all..I've already attended 8 IKVs
I've already went 8 places around the philippines.(weeee)
all of that IKV events, i'm honestly saying that i really enjoy and learn a lot from it.
i'd never noticed that I, from being a kid, will be a KFC ROCK team/kuya Lloyd serving the ministry i was before.
it's so amazing how God works in me..
because, even though i make a lot of mistakes,
He still trust and love me.

--Jonathan Lloyd Polinar "Nathan" --central A (Metro Manila)

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