“Let the children come to me; do not prevent them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Many people have been asking, what makes the service in Kids for Christ different from serving the other ministries? As for me, serving the Kids For Christ is genuinely and fully serving our good Lord to the next level. Serving with all our might, patience, and love through the kids. Introducing God to their lives and showing them His pure love.

While I was still in the 2010 Youth for Christ International Leaders Conference in Baguio, I believe that I was tapped and called by God to join the first ever R.O.C.K. (Reaching Out Christ to Kids) Mission Team. I, together with the other YFCs was informed that we will be having a mission trip in Albay, Bicol two days right after the ILC. Having told about it, I was once doubtful. My mind was full of questions, ‘what ifs?’ What if my parents won’t allow me? What about my financial support all throughout the mission? Despite all the questions that I am having, I prayed that night, and God has just answered, “I will never abandon you.” Waking up on God’s answer to my prayer, I felt excited, not just because I will be able to go out of town, but also because of the kids that I will be able to meet through this mission trip.

The departure day came and yet few questions are still on my mind. Who will be with me? From what sector are they? Until I met all the YFCs that will be with me in the entire trip. At first I felt awkward because it was our first encounter with each other. But on the day itself, we had an instant connection, maybe because of the same passion in serving the kids that we share. Before setting off to the trip, we made sure that we were properly trained and equipped that is why, we had attended a workshop on the activities that we will be conducting on the mission trip. All the while we thought that all is sailing smoothly but a few hours before the intended time of departure, a major problem arises. We are lacking of funds. We will not be able to support everyone in terms of finance. With this problem, we began to doubt and lose hope. We had asked help from all the coordinators that we know and by God’s grace, we were able to collect enough amounts of fund to support everyone in going to Albay.

The trip was long, enough for me to think. What lies ahead for us? When we were nearing our destination, I decided to pray and lift up this mission trip to our God. It just feels good on talking with our God for in doubtful times, you’ll be able to feel calm and secured. When my feet settled on Albay’s land, I was excited. I was overwhelmed by the beautiful things that God has set for me. We were warmly welcomed by some of the coordinators and YFCs of Albay.

We had our courtesy call with the other coordinators and youth leaders of Albay on the first day. We had also conducted our team building and planning on the first day. The team was divided into groups to accommodate all the activities that will be happening during our entire stay in Bicol.

We had conducted a R.O.C.K. (Reaching Out Christ to Kids) Training Program for all the YFCs of Albay who are willing to serve the Lord through the kids. As per group activity assignment, together with my partner Pido, we were assigned to handle the Senior Kids Camp.

It was just my second time to be a team head of a Kids Camp. Good thing the KFC full time workers are there to guide us and most importantly, God’s guidance is always there. The camp was very touching because I am able to see God’s goodness in the eyes of the children. They were eager to listen to the talks and to join in the activities prepared by the team. We have thought the kids different dance songs. We have also thought them on how to worship God through a slow song. Honestly, when I personally saw the kids worshipping God, I had goose bumps. I was besieged by the genuine love of the kids for God.

Our mission in Albay was definitely a success. And that made me more inspired to serve God through His children. My faith has grown deeply during this mission and the fire of passion that is in my heart keeps on burning. This mission had gone some struggles but truly by God’s grace, we had managed to go through those obstacles. I am looking forward on another mission trip. The challenge continues; let’s keep on reaching out Christ to Kids. Let’s R.O.C.K.!

By: Pia Yango