“Let the children come to me; do not prevent them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14

Monday, July 19, 2010


Last July 15, 2010 me and my friend Blair went to Department of Foreign Affairs to be present in our appointment to apply for our passport for the 13th International Kids Village in Singapore on December and for the future mission on other countries. On are way, we are reminded of our daily realization and luckily, God allowed me to have one on that day.

Everyday in our life we tend to do something new that may excite as or make as challenge but others might fall to same things they do everyday that makes them feel bored like "office works". But in our busy life do we come to stop and take a pause and ask our self, “what did I do this day that pleases God?

Hoping we did something!

When we are already in the line for the validation of our application and requirements, I said to Blair, “imagine this line is already the line to HEAVEN and at the end of this Line and God will tell you “good job my son you can get your passport to heaven now, Congratulation!” and after congratulating you, God, together with His angels will welcome you in His Kingdom.

When we got to the tip of the line and it was our turn on the counter and pass all of our requirements. Luckily, my application was approved and it made me so happy but when I ask Blair about his application, He failed to get his passport. He was asked to present other NSO copy of his birth certificate because what he have got on that day was unreadable, and he should provide another copy of it before he can get His passport.

I was sad for him, “saying talaga ang time” but it had given us realization that really gives us positive direction. What if it was really true that the line is already the way going to heaven and God will ask for your requirements before getting your passport to heaven like what DFA do. Are you sure that you will be approved? What if God will tell you “I am sorry I cannot find your name or I can’t read you name (like what happened to the birth certificate of Blair)“. God said “what you have done to the least of my brothers you do it unto me”. This is the Lord is asking us right now. In everyday of our life, in our school, in our work, in our home or even in our own life are we doing things that in line with the act of the Lord that will pleases Him or we are doing stuffs in our life that make us forget our commitment with the Lord.

If you are in the Line, imagine you are very close to the Lord but you cannot make it!

The Lord is giving us chance everyday, every time we woke up in the morning, and giving us another day of our Life to make things according to the His requirement. Be good, do good always, be faithful and this will be your PASSPORT TO HEAVEN.


  1. i realized that i must find ways to please Him everyday.. ^_^

  2. inspiring realization yan..keep blogging kapatid.=)