“Let the children come to me; do not prevent them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14

Friday, August 6, 2010

Late night experience

Yesterday, (Aug. 2 2010) I attended a service meeting at mandaluyong. It was with the sector leaders. It started and ended late at night. My impression and experience during that meeting would be an another story. The one I'll be telling you will be my experience after that night.

I was so nervous what would my parents be telling me when I arrive home. So, I was thinking what to reason out and how to argue and defend myself. Then, I arrived home at 1:30am. I have not heard a single word from them. I got a lot more nervous. Things run through my head again like they would ignore me and make me suffer for a long time because of what happened..etc.. When I woke up, They are ignoring me! I was in tears that morning. I don't know how to admit that it was really my fault and how to tell them how sorry I am because I still have this pride in me.

Then I reflected. It came to my mind that maybe it is God's works that I haven't heard a word from my parents so I won't have to argue, answer back and reason out. I realized that I'm so wrong. I should have said sorry at the first place. I was also wrong in thinking badly about my parents. So, In return to God's wonderful works on me, I do good things even greater things to my parents and other people. I practice not to answer back or reason out. I am now trying my best to be humble in every ways.

As servants of God, we have to learn how to be humble. we will feel enlighten if we don't feel overconfident in things we do. Let us put in mind that what we are doing in the community is for the greater glory of our God.


-dhee(diane H.)

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