“Let the children come to me; do not prevent them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yesterday(July 29, 2010) on my way home from school,..

I was really on a hurry to go home that time to avoid getting wet by the rain. Because of that I risk riding on a "siksiksan" type of jeepney. I was barely sitting. I was in between two "manongs". I was first annoyed by the thought of those "manongs" are not even gentleman enough to offer enough space for me, seeing I'm a girl. Then later I ignored the thought. Then I was annoyed again because of the barker who keeps on calling and letting people ride the jeepney. That scenario beats the provincial type of riding a jeepney. I was frowning already that time. I was thinking of something good out of that very hot and irritating situation until the man sitting on my left fell asleep. He was almost leaning on me and I don't feel comfortable with that so I was really pissed off despite the fact that I know the feeling of being tired and getting into a sleep while riding a public vehicle(I experienced that also). I was thinking of what to do to him that would scare him and would make him conscious about getting even an inch nearer to me. Lots of things came into my mind. Unimaginable things to do:) Then I stopped thinking about the things I would do to that very irritating and inconsiderable "manong". Know why?

I remember God. It came to my mind, what if God is in my place? would he punish those who disrespect Him? Would He banish those who ignores His feelings? those who keep their eyes close to Him?

God answered me. I know he will be PATIENT in that situation. I was affirmed of His great patience to mankind and I think that throughout that ride in the jeepney He was guiding and teaching me to be patient. bacause I was just tempted to say and do bad things still I didn't. Now that annoying feeling I have when I set foot on the jeepney turned into an affirmation on my stepping down from it. I had a smile. Can you imagine someone with that annoying experience ending up with a smile? only those who see Christ in every situation they are in ends up blessed, bad or good the experience be.

Bros and Sis, we can seek good learnings out of undesired situations..

GBU all!

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